Mobility Improvements

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The mobility training is paying off! I noticed a TON of people today that have improved their Front Squats. Ron is just one of many.  Keep up the hard work guys! 


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I'd like to thank Casey for the great job she did programming last months WODs. I'm proud that we take the time and considerable energy to create our own custom programming.

Wednesday WOD

Dips (Ring Dips)

Double-Unders (everyone tries)

Hollow Rocks

Med ball X-Jumps

(1 minute max reps each, 1 minute rest between rounds)

4 • 3 • 2

Record total reps

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Whether it’s actually true or not, I definitely felt better doing front squats tonight!

  2. Hey Ron, lookin good my friend!

  3. Thanks for the great workouts Casey!

  4. Look great Ron!

  5. Mobility question: What can you do for the elbows/wrists on the front squats? The squat part is much improved, but I still feel like I can’t get my elbows and wrists (and shoulders, maybe?) to cooperate.

  6. Shannon, next time you see me at the gym I can give you a review of some good mwods for wrists and shoulders. You can make them your Goat and really work them when you come into the gym or even at home.

  7. Little known fact about Ron… Back in his early college days he was the University hand wrestling champ!

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