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If you were at the gym for last week’s “squat hell” workout (7 front squats, 7 back squats, 7 OHS; 7 rounds), you likely felt the beatdown both during and after the WOD (thanks, Becky!). This was definitely a tough one, but we watched many clients, new and seasoned, struggle not only with the number of reps, but with the actual form of the movements themselves, especially with the OHS portion. While all of the  movements we perform certainly require a certain level of strength, many times deficiencies are a reflection of poor mobility; often the athlete compensates for this via a shortened movement during regular squats, but adding weight overhead shines a glaring light on these weaknesses.

In regards to the OHS, poor form (or an inability to perform the movement with any significant weight at all) is a result of poor hip and/or shoulder mobility. Although we incorporate mobility work most days as part of your class, if OHS had you begging for mercy, the following mobility movements would be beneficial for you to implement on your own.

Movie #1

Movie #2

Movie #3

Tuesday WOD

10 DB Hang Power Cleans

15 DB Thrusters

20 K2E

AMRAP in…20 min.


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