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Our high school athletes go head to head through out the week, preparing themselves for the "unknown" they will face in their sport of choice and even with in the hallways of their school.  We have been seeing huge improvements in all areas and it is really exciting for us as trainers as well as for the athletes themselves.  Keep up the great work!!!

Monday WOD

50 Walking Lunges

25 Sit ups

50 *Band Drive-downs

25 Ring Push ups

50 Choppers m70 w53

25 Burpees

50 Double Unders or 3x reg.

25 HSPU 

One Time through as fast as possible!

*Band Drive Downs – hook a band on the chin up rig like you would for pull ups.  get down on your knees, reach up and grab it.  Try to drive the band down to the ground = 1 rep.


Shoulder Mobility

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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