Community Workouts

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Thank you to all who came out to our Community Workout Saturday.  We had over 40 people working out at once. We are looking forward to another great month in February. Click here to see the rest of the pictures from the Community Workout. 

Monday WOD

1-Arm KB Power Snatches m53 w 35

AMRepsAP in 5 min.

For every rep less than 100 reps perform that many burpees immidiately after the 5 min time limit.

Rest 5 minutes Then…

Tabata Hollow Rocks 8 • 7 • 6  rounds.

*Record how many burpees you had to do and your hollow rock lowest round.


Shoulder Mobility

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Great pics Amie!

  2. Thanks! I really need to learn how to use that camera though!

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