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The Intra Affiliate Competition was great! Crossfit Creek killed it! And I really wanted to thank Monique, Allison, and Maria for coming out and supporting the team! 

Affiliate group
Congratulations to all of the athletes from CrossFit Troy, CrossFit Creek, Centerville CrossFit, and WPAFB CrossFit.  Each one of you demonstrated how much guts you have to step in front of a gym full of people yelling and screaming at you to do just one more rep.  And at the same time you feel dizzy and don’t know how you will manage to get that bar moving again.  Then when you finally manage to finish the workout you catch your breath and realize that you still have one more to go!  That takes a determination that most athletes out there will never have.  Way to be CrossFitters.

To see all the pictures from the competition click on the link.  Thanks to Jeremy Bryner for taking the pictures. http://picasaweb.google.com/pilot7180

Honorable mentions go out to the Centerville CrossFit girls.  Two of the three had never even heard of CrossFit until last week.  The Cup tryouts was their 4th CrossFit WOD!  Amazing.

Announcements:  Forged clothing has given us half off of their gear for a limited time.  Pick out what clothing items and write them down with the order numbers and bring them in with a prepaid check Made out to to CrossFit Troy.  Orders will be taken until this Friday, April 16th after that it’s back to regular pricing.


Monday WOD

Mirrored Elizabeth

Power Cleans
Ring Dips

21-15-9-9-15-21  15-11-9-9-11-15  11-9-7-7-9-11 • 9-7-5-5-7-9
Wall Ball Situps 60  50  40

Competitor  Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities 


  1. Here we come Regionals, bend over…

  2. Nice guys! Ebon, what’s up with the new workout gear? Sharped Dressed Man…

  3. Eben Smith says:

    I don’t see myself as sexy in knee high socks… or at all for that matter. Just need something on my shins!

  4. Eben Smith says:

    Oh yeah… James we missed you and your family yesterday. Mitch, Dave, Matt, Casey, Kelly, Becky… i havent had that much fun with my clothes on in a long time. I appreciate you all lettin me workout with you. Hey does anyone know who that superstar chic was yesterday driving that shiny new car! I wanted to ask for a ride but i was all sweaty and such.

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