Monday July 5th

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Mondays WODs

There will only be workouts at 12:00 and 4:30. Be ready for a large group challenge.

Paleo Challenge starts MONDAY July 5th. Win some cash! Come to the 4:30 class to get measured! 

 Matter WOD: The Real Truth About Those "Healthy Whole Grains

Getting ready for the Games update — Mike Lyons:

I'm getting asked a lot about how I'm feeling with the The Crossfit World Games coming up in just about 10 days. Here's a brief. I'm feeling great. Glad to say 100% injury free (knock on wood). I'm in much better condition today than I was at the Regional qualifiers. Lesson learned for next year. I'm 8 lbs lighter than Regionals too. Probably the thing I'm most grateful for is a greater sense of confidence in my ability to push beyond previous mental limitations. I'm certain the top finishers will get there not by physical superiority alone, but who wants it the most and is able to win the battle in the mind.

   Speaking of CrossFit, The Games, and competition… I've attached a great article that I think everyone of us can relate to. Enjoy.

A spectator explains why he CrossFits 

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