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Our “I Am CrossFit” challenge starts next week and we still have more room for 5 more individuals who are interested in setting goals, cleaning up their diets, and starting the year off right. Part of the challenge will incorporate principles of Paleo eating.

Please note that this is not a competition, but rather a team effort to reach your own personal best. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, become a Games competitor, or simply see what you’re capable of doing, we can help you! To sign up, follow this link. Questions? Contact Mitch at mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com or speak with any trainer when you’re in the gym.




Valerie Henry shares her experience with our 50 day Paleo Challenge.

The 50 day challenge was a complete eye opener for me. I never knew I could yawn so little and have so much energy! The first few days were rough as I was detoxing from the sugar and other bad foods in my system, but after I got through that initial period my body thanked me. Eating so clean made me feel great both inside the gym and out – I had so much more energy during my WODs as well as for other things I enjoy such as zumba and chasing around my 3 year old! The food I ate during the challenge kept me satisfied and really decreased my cravings for “bad” food. As well as increased energy I also lost 8 inches and 9 pounds, a huge accomplishment for me as it usually takes me a lot longer to lose that much weight. I would highly recommend Paleo to anyone looking to change things up a bit with their diet – it will be a life changing decision!

Community Workout

This Saturday, January 7th we will have our Community Workout at 10:00 am.This is a the only time of the month that ANYONE can try a FREE workout!  For Current Clients- This will be the only workout of the day, and you must bring a guest in order to participate.

To reserve a spot, please email Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com


Thursday WOD

Strict Press1x5-50%







On the Minute for 12 Mins:

1 Power Snatch

3 DB Rows (L+R=1)

5 Strict Pull-ups



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