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Doug put on his serious face on Friday for the strongman wod.  Needless to say we were all impressed, seeing how this was Dougs first strongman and he went heavy on all the elements.  Keep up the good work Doug!!!

Christmas Party Checklist for Tuesday…

Tomorrow at 6:00 Pm will be our CCF Christmas party.  There will be only 1 workout tomorrow which will be right before the party.  See you all at 6.

Bring and Ugly sweater to wear while you workout

Bring a beverage of your choice

Monday WOD

1 RM Back Squat.  20 min. time limit then…

1-Arm Alt. DB Thrusters*

DB Power Cleans

Weighted Push ups**

22-16-10 • 16-12-10 • 12-10-8

*Keep both DBs at your shoulders, every thruster is done with only pressing one of the DBs overhead, every squat = 1 rep.

** If you can't do regular pushups on your hands and toes there is no need for weight just try to maximize the range of motion.

Pre WOD Shoulder Mobility,  Post WOD Slackline Walk

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. I need an ugly sweater….
    I am bringing green bean surprise and my own reserve of yueng ling light…

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