Never Back Down

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Tracy is one of our newest athletes. But has already shown he will never back down from a challenge. He is already hammering "red" wods. Centerville Crossfit is an amazing place. Everyone here strives to be better every day. Even with the option to scale down, our athletes refuse to do anything less than the hardest. Very rarely do we see colors other than red or yellow on the board.  

From Marks Daily Apple: Common Stumbling Blocks on a New Diet

Friday WOD

6 Strict L Pull ups
Heavy DB Lunges
12 Ring Dips  
Sprint 100m

AMRAP in 15 • 12 • 10 Min.

Bar Split Jerk or DB Split Snatch 20 • 20 • 20

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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