New Toys

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New Toys coming…. These are only molds. Which means endless amounts of Atlas stones coming to your Strongman Fridays!

Nutrition Announcement Working on Fitness but curious about Nutrition? Worry about "Weight Control"? Plateauing on your Fitness Goals? If you truly desire to be lean, healthy and superfit for the long haul – you MUST understand what you are eating. Come get an introduction into how we teach Healthy Nutrition here at Centerville Crossfit. It's much easier than you think and you may be surprised what you hear… Led by Coach Matt Swartout. Cost is free.

This Friday at 5:30! Be there! 

Benchmark Wednesday



Pull ups

Unmodified Men 95 lbs.  Women 65 lbs.

21-15-9 • 15-11-9 • 11-9-7 reps


Pre – Shoulder Mobility

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Fran…I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  2. You threw up and I wet myself….

  3. And I’m trying to make arrangements for someone to cover for me so I can make it there. Obvious “new kid” alert!

  4. Does Fran -have- to be today? I can send her some flowers and some paleo cookies and ask her to come back next week?
    Meghan–do you need a sitter for your kids? If you do, we can trade off if you want–I can watch yours so you can work out and then you can watch mine so I can work out. Let me know. (shannon@textwell.com) I live about 10 min. away so we could even do it at my house. (A standing offer, by the way, for any parents who want to get a workout in….) Divide, or perhaps combine?, and conquer!

  5. Shannon-my conflict was a basketball game I had to work, but school is cancelled so that means no game and I can make it! I am going to do the 4:30, but if you want me to stick around and watch the kids during the 5:30 I would be more than happy to!

  6. No worries, one is now clearly sick. Boooo!!!Little guy apparently is sacrificing himself to spare mommy Fran.

  7. more atlas stones are coming… It’s Christmas again!

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