No more Band-aid

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I wanted to copy Troy's page today because there are some people that go to all three of our gyms. But the news today was Casey did her first Kipping Pull ups without a band! Congrats! Next week we will have her doing muscle ups!


Congratulations to our newly certified trainers. From CrossFit Heights Nick and Tim and From CrossFit Troy Frank andAmanda. We are looking forward to putting everyone into action right away. Also were looking forward to all the new energy, ideas and learning you're all bringing back to help make us all better.

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Tuesday WOD

5 Thrusters 

7 Hang Power Cleans

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Prescribed weights: Men 95# / Women 65# 

10 • 8 • 6 • 4 rounds

Cool Down 

Weighted Sit-ups 100 • 75 • 50 reps

Mutant  Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities


  1. Yaaaaaay, Casey!!!!

  2. Congrats Casey!

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