Nutrition Challenge Winners

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Our 6 week Nutrition Challenge wrapped up at the end of November, and we are happy to finally post the winners! Each participant was judged on before and after measurements and improved performance on two baseline workouts, plus how well they adhered to the dietary guidelines given to them by their trainer. The winners are –


First place – Corey Pennington

Adam says Corey saw an 18% improvement in body comp even while gaining a little bit of weight, which was part of their goal for him. Also dramatic improvements in both workouts, as well as improved eating habits and did a great job of tracking food throughout.


Second place – Becky Gibbs

Becky says Becky was extremely dedicated to maintaining a strict Paleo diet throughout the challenge, and her 11% improvement in body composition shows her hard work paid off. She managed to make food prep work even with a very demanding job as an airline pilot. Plus she had big improvements in both baseline workouts, crushing her score on the AMRAP and using heavier weight!


Third place – Rachel Moore-Springer

Casey says Rachel had a 5% improvement in body comp with a whopping 10.2 inches lost. She also was great with her food log, never missing a tracking day at all, and really got into cooking. She ended up having some great improvements in energy and overall well being. This was her actual first time doing a strict Whole30 and she did amazing!


Fourth place – Chrissy Hurley

Adam says working together with Corey, Chrissy did an excellent job of changing their food habits in a healthy but sustainable fashion. Cooking food more often, eating less processed food and more protein, monitoring hydration levels, and being open to new ideas, she was a model student who showed great results. Excellent job with the food log and sticking to the prescription, she saw a 17% decrease in her caliper measurements and solid improvements on the workouts.


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