Open House Fundraiser Success

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Keep your eye on your own monitor 

Graham can't keep his eyes on his own paper (I mean monitor).

Athletes from 3 Dayton and Troy area CrossFits came together to support and celebrate the opening of CrossFit Heights this Saturday. Also we raised funds in our effort to send to Brandon Massie, Graham Spagnola (and wife Kerri) to represent us expense free at the National Crossfit Games in July.

On behalf of all of us, I'm pleased to offer
from all of us our collective gifts
Have a great time, hold nothing back, represent us with honor and humility.

Thanks everyone, it was a great time, great to work out with people I usually see more often on blogs. We'll do it again. – Coach Mike

Monday WOD

Front Squats (use 1/2 BW)
Back Squats     

9-15-21 / 9-11-15 / 7-9-11
Run 800 / 600 / 400
Ring Dips        
Push Press (use same bar as above)

21-15-9 / 15-11-9 / 11-9-7
Cool Down

Core Test
Feet on wall

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities

Thanks Christina Roberts for the video.


  1. It was so much fun bringing the three groups together for a workout, we should do that more often!
    BTW, where o where were Mitch and Allison????

  2. oh cmon, mitch doesnt wake up before noon.haha
    but yeah it was fun, and we should definitely do something like that again for a good cause.

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