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The merger between Crossfit Creek and Centerville went smooth. Our first day in Centerville went great. All of our classes were amazing. Pictured here is the 6:30 class at Centerville Crossfit! Things are really starting to come together at the gym.  I want to thank everyone that has helped out with the move and the setup of the gym. With out you guys the move could have never happened. 

Our first Onramp will start Monday May 17th at 5:30. Contact Graham at Grahamspagnola@hotmail.com 

Piss and Moan

By Mike Lyons

Competition looks different on this side of 50. It has been a long time since I competed at something that really meant something to me. The opportunity to qualify for the national CrossFit games as a masters competitor really got my heart thumping. I really believe I have a chance. Of course I have no measurable guage  of how other 50+ CrossFitters around the world might perform, but I want to go for it.

Then it happened, The nightmare… Download Read Piss and Moan

Progressive Wave and one round of the warm up or

Bear crawl 
5 Pull ups 
Skater Lunges

Down and Back x2

Tuesday WOD: Competiton Final

9 Full Snatch M 135 lbs W 85 lbs
18 Pull ups C2B

3 Rounds

Then…Object Carry 100m

This WOD is a sprint, keep the intensity high and blast through it.

Walking Lunges  100m • 75m • 50m 

Competitor  Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities


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