Pain Cave

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Maybe you think the trainers don't go through the same hell as you during the Mobility WOD.  You are wrong.  Graham would rather shoot himself then 3 min of this stretch! 


UGLY SWEATER Christmas Party

Tuesday, Dec 21st, 6:00 pm. Come prepared to workout and party! All classes will be canceled that day. We want you to save it all for the evening! Food provided, bring your own beverages and don't forget the ugly sweater.


The Miracle on Hoffman Street

A Holiday Reflection: It dawned on us that this Holiday marked the anniversary of a significant landmark incident. It was a year ago that Dave Hoffman lay in a hospital bed with his family starting to deliberate the ultimate tough call (some of you know Dave from am classes). That tough call was to consider NOT continuing life support. It's now been only 12 months… a second heart attack, serious infection, blood clots, multiple strokes and today again training CrossFit. It's a story of determination, family, faith and one tough marine.


Tuesday WOD

8 High Box Jumps (record height)

20 Double Unders

AMRAP in.. 10min.

 mWOD / CD
(Post WOD) Calf Mobility, Roll out IT band, beat up shin meat

Scale to capabilities


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