Paleo Challenge Update

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This Saturday marks the halfway point for the 20+ CCF members who are participating in our 50 day, Eat Clean, Get Lean Paleo Challenge. We are starting to visually see a difference in many participants as they shed weight; likewise, everyone is starting to see results in other ways, too. Increased energy, improved sleep, and better overall moods have been reported. As is to be expected, life has gotten many of us sidetracked here and there (although we have a few participants who still have ZERO cheats!!!), but we are proud at everyone’s ability to maneuver tricky situation and hop back on track when they do have a cheat.

Read on to see how one of our clients and participants is doing on her journey to improved wellness. Participants: remember that we will be meeting Saturday at 11:00 to hear from Shannon about feeding a family Paleo on a budget.


Wednesday WOD

5 Touch & Go Clean & Jerks


20 Double Unders

Rest 4.5 Minutes

3-5 Rounds of 100% Effort


Trap Roll-Out


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