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Steph, Christine, and Deb show off their "ugly sweaters" and Christmas socks! 

Have you thought about your New Year Resolutions? Leave them in the comments. 

Free Trial Workout Sunday Jan 2nd at 2:00 pm! Please invite all your friends and family to our free workout! Give them a taste of what you rave about! 

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Benchmark Wednesday


Row 1000 • 750 • 500

Thrusters 50 • 35 • 25 

Pull ups  30 • 25 • 20

m 45lbs w 30lbs

Go in heats.  Faster Rowers and green team start off.  Keep track of the time you start and subtract that from your final time.


Wrist Mobility

Advanced • Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Hey CF Family,
    I’m still in Bama because it’s 60 degs today and by Friday it’s supposed to reach 75.
    So a couple of comments….on my way home last week my doctor called and told me that my cholesterol dropped 25 points. The drop happened without dieting or eating a low fat diet. I attribute that to CF. The problem is….it’s probably gone back up while eating mom’s cooking. (lol)
    I really don’t make new years resolutions, but I would like to drop a couple of sizes for a summer vacation where hot cabana boys serve me fruity drinks.

  2. Great job on the drop in cholesterol, Tonya, and I love your resolution 🙂
    Mine is to master kipping, do a strict pullup w/out a band, increase weight on all lifts, improve my squat form, hspu, and have as few modifications as possible on the wods! Also, to kick off my “Team Meghan” line of workout gear, of course!

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