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If you made it through "Jack" you can make it through anything.  Very impressive performances last night by all of you.  For many of you it is starting to become a reality that Crossfit is about so much more than just coming in and getting a "good workout"….thats only just the tip of the iceberg…

Thursday WOD

 30 •  20 10 Wall Walks

150 •  100 •  75 Hollow Rocks

300 •  200 •  100 Double Unders

Get it done, any way, any order.

Wear a weight vest Men 20 lbs Women 10 lbs


Wrist & Ankle Mobility

LaX Ball Work on the shoulders

Competitor Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. LOVE the series of pictures, agree completely with the paragraph that follows, and super excited I can complete the WOD here at school since I won’t be able to make it to the gym.

  2. Pure awesomeness! Instead of Jack, maybe we should call it The Evaporator.

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