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“Wondering what you should be consuming after your workout to get the best results, while not cancelling out the hard work you did in the gym? Get great benefits from a nutrition and supplement plan that helps restore tissue, build muscle, burn fat, and build strength.

This article tells you ten tips you MUST know about post-workout nutrition

Tip #1: Take Whey Protein to Gain Muscle

Tip #2: Take Whey Protein to Lose Fat?

Tip #3: Take Whey to Recover Faster After Exercise?

Tip #4: Take Creatine To Gain Muscle and Increase Work Capacity

Tip #5: Take Creatine To Lose Fat

Tip #6: Decrease Inflammation Post-Workout by Taking Creatine

Tip #7: Take Creatine to Improve Reaction Time When Exhausted?

Tip #8: Take Beta Alanine with Creatine: Gain More Mass, Lose More Fat

Tip #9: Let Training Goals & Volume Dictate Carb Intake

Tip #10: Use Fenugreek and Berries to Improve Blood Sugar Response with Carbs

Tip #11: Drink Water/Avoid Caffeine”

Read the rest of Charles Poliquin’s article Workout Supplements 101: Eleven Post-Workout Nutrition Tips for Better Results

We will be having another order of Progenex the order from will be at the front desk.  Orders must be in and paid for by next Friday (Sept, 21)

Recovery (Chocolate ONLY $60)

Muscle (Chocolate ONLY $70)

Friday WOD

6 sets:
5 TnG* power cleans (*Touch and Go)
10 dips
15 box jumps
Rest 3 min between
***if you beat your time from the previous round, add weight


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