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We’re all proud of Eben! 

Don’t forget Matt’s Endurance Freak Fundraiser this Wednesday, March 17th  while he attempts to Solo the un-supported Odyssey Endorphin Fix 2-day Adventure Race in New River Gorge, WV (Link).

Pictures from Sectionals (compliments of the Bryners)

Link here!

Friday WOD

3 Full Snatch

6 Push Press

6 Push Jerk

3 C & J

6 Front Squats

6 Back Squats

30 Double Unders  (or 3x the number of regular jumps)

AMRAP in..20 • 15 • 10 minutes

Competitor Men use 75% BW Women 55%

Cool Down

L-Pull ups 50 • 35 • 35

Competitor  Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational 


  1. Hey man how you feeling? no shame in an injury. I have plenty, physically and mentally lol I sent you a text yesterday asking about it but never heard back from you. Don’t be a stranger man, we can work though some crossfit issues together if you’re willing man. Let me know, fgreen04@yahoo.com or 901-482-2862. Hit me up bro

  2. This looks like a bruiser, good one.
    Eben, you’re a beast. Like I keep saying, we will rebuild you. Stronger… faster… more bad ass than ever.

  3. Man you guys are like family! I appreciate the all of the encouragement as i hope i am somehow doing the same for you. Frank my phone had to get fixed but it’s ok now. I got your number so i’ll be contacting you. Way to push at the sectionals.. i seen you eith those sandbags and all! Matt, hope i see you this evening so i can keep chasing that ghost.

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