Push up machine

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Cindy showed us all how to do Burpee Power shots. I would put Cindy against almost anyone in a push up competition.  She never stops!

 Announcements: As of now, the gym will be closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We will be opening Monday in Centerville! Like I said yesterday, this week is crazy. If this changes I will be sure to let everyone know!  

Team Tuesday WOD

Get a partner… Stay in order, no jumping around.  Alternate reps on Box Jumps and Med. Ball Pass Situps

Pull-ups Muscle ups 40 • 100 • 80 • 60
Box Jumps 120 • 100 • 80
Push-ups Keep feet on wall 140 • 20 • 50
Med. Ball Pass Situps 200 • 150 • 100  

Double Under Practice  200 • 150 • 100

Competitor  Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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