"Putting all the pieces together"

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22 years ago at the age of 14 I can still remember the smell and sounds of the make shift weight room that was inside my neighborhood health centers racquetball court. Hearing racquetballs bouncing off the walls from the court next door as I waited in line to use the leg extension machine is burned into my mind as my first gym experience. My only weight training guidance as a teen was the Muscle and Fitness subscription that my grandmother renewed every Christmas. After college I nursed a knee injury from football for a few years that eventually ended with surgery. Post college wandering around aimlessly from gym to gym I could always be found on the bench press, peck deck and the cable crossover machine and this went on for years; I simply did it because I knew no different. Then early last year a friend of mine came in town and showed me this CrossFit website where they post workouts everyday and you just follow the workout. Skeptical yet curious I gave it a shot. The first  WOD I would attempt was "Murph", I thought to myself "no problem, it's just moving my body weight around". A little over an hour later I peeled myself off the floor and with blurred vision staggered out of the local globo gym to my car. I remember not doing anything for a few days because I simply couldn't move my arms or legs…but I liked the challenge!! I decided then that the gym I was going to was not set up to do CrossFit so I rigged a pull up bar in my garage, drove to Cincinnati to buy a bar and some bumper plates and decided that my garage would be my new gym. I slowly built up the necessary equipment in my garage but I knew some critical components were missing….professional coaching, group intensity, accountability, and community. We are not hard wired to do things alone and doing CrossFit by yourself is flat out lonely and as disciplined as I thought I was, doing "Fran" in your garage by yourself at 5:30am in the middle of December all bundled up in cold weather gear is SICK!! When I heard that Graham and Mitch were opening up a CF box here in Centerville I knew that this was what I needed to help put all the pieces together. The progress I've made since joining in May has been tremendous. I'm leaner, stronger, faster and healthier than I've been in 15 years and I've learned so much from all of the trainers at CCF.


At 36 my priorities and goals have changed over the years and CrossFit to me is more of a lifestyle than it is a fitness regimen. It's continually demanding more from yourself every day and more importantly those principals carry over to everyday life outside of the gym. Life is hard and you better be ready to fight at what ever comes your way and exercising your mental toughness thru daily WOD's is fantastic prep for not only general physical preparedness but for 'life preparedness' . How do I deal with the unexpected in life? Do I keep pushing hard at what is very difficult…or do I surrender and give in to this uncomfortable feeling or circumstance? How do I become a better husband, father, friend, business person, etc. My kids will do what is caught…not taught.


We've all arrived here today doing CrossFit together with many different experiences and back grounds. Some are getting back into shape from years of doing nothing, some are exercising for the first time, some looking for something new to do, and others are using CrossFit to help prepare for something beyond the walls of the gym. All though our goals and reasons for being here may differ, one thing is for sure…we are all training to not suck at life!


–Charlie Pool


Tomorrow at 4:30 is the kickoff of our Street Fighter Endurance Challenge and Saturdays Fight Gone Bad. Friday 6:30 class as well as Saturday will not be effective. See you there. All FGB Participants remember to bring a dish to share for the post WOD BarBQ.


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Friday WOD

30 Situps

25 Box Jumps

20 Double Unders (or 5x reg.)

15 DB Deadlifts 

4 • 3 • 2 rounds

Group Stretch & Foam Roll

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities




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