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READ this and enjoy your day at work

-Kelly Starrett on Ibuprofen 



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Tuesday WOD

AMRAP 1 min.

Rest for 3 minutes after each round.  This is an all out effort.  Get as many burpees in 1 minute as you can, then rest for 3 minutes.  Record how many burpees you got each round.  

 5 • 4 • 3 Rounds


Front Squats 5-5-5-5-5

If you did the "Louie" yesterday do 50 Weighted Circular GH.

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. David L. says:

    This comment made me LOL: “Bask in your soreness!Brag about it at work as your friends help you get up off the toilet.”
    Especially after last weeks 120 back squats…I could barely stand up from any sitting position…mostly just rolling till i could hoist myself up.

  2. Kicked NSAIDs last year, so glad about it. I occasionally take a tylenol (like once a month).
    Never really need it anymore with rest and a good diet.

  3. Sandy C. says:

    I feel your pain David! My legs were not right for the rest of the week! But, that is one area I need to beef up so – bring it on! 🙂

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