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At our last Eat Clean, Get Lean meeting we enjoyed various Paleo-compliant treats. The following links provide the recipes for some of them, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should sample Earth Fare’s Roasted Sweet Potato Salad; it was a big hit with everyone!

From Everyday Paleo, Sarah’s version of Lara Bars. This is a much cheaper alternative and are super easy to make! (I made the spice and cherry/coconut versions)


From Paleo Comfort Foods, Breakfast Egg Muffins. I added Whole 30 compliant bacon (of course!). Just chop the bacon, cook it, and stir it in with the other ingredients.


From Paleo Comfort Foods, Morning Glory Muffins. Note: The instructions say to cook the muffins for 40-50 minutes. I took mine out after only 35 and still thought they could’ve come out a bit sooner. I would start the “toothpick” test around 30 minutes. Allow them to cool in the pan and they will get done for sure.


Enjoy, and if you want even more ideas, join our Centerville CrossFit Paleo Page on Facebook.

Friday WOD

Clean grip deadlift – 3RM

**do not switch your grip for this

**practice that hook grip!

3 rounds:

AMRAP (ring) push-ups

Rest 10 seconds

AMRAP (ring) dips

Rest 1 min

**these can be done in either order depending on how many sets of rings are needed


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