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CrossFit Central East Regional 2012 Copyright © CrossFit, Inc. 2012

Congratulations to the athletes who represented CCF at Regionals this weekend, and thank you to everyone who made the trip to Columbus to support them. For those who have never attended an official CF event of this magnitude, it can be an eye opening experience in regards to the level of athlete that participates in our sport. The following are the observations of one of our members regarding her impression of the competition:

The first thing we spotted when we arrived were the ice baths eagerly awaiting the athletes. When we left there were several athletes relaxing in the ice baths…straight from the Expo floor, fully-dressed, surrounded by family and friends, immersed in that cold, cold ice water.

The Concessions…There aren’t many events you attend where bacon, hard-boiled eggs and a “California Burger”(a burger nestled between large leaves of lettuce with chopped peppers -Yumm!) are included on the Concession Menu.

The spectators included friends, family and fellow CrossFitters all sporting their favorite CrossFit T’s. Some where bright in color, while others’ boasted such phrases as “Burpees Suck!” or their local CrossFit gym.

The competitors were from all walks of life…students, former college athletes, mothers, fathers and members of our country’s military. Short, tall, freshly-shaved, tanned, sporting a multitude of tattoos or mohawks.

Centerville CrossFit fans came to cheer on their leaders, mentors and friends: Casey Strope, Leah Clark, Adam Rogers and Mitch Lyons. As each of them was introduced in their respective heats cheers and whistles came from our group. We even came with signs – we proudly waved in the air. We cheered their every rep, encouraging them much in the same way they encourage us through a challenging WOD or to a new PR.

At the end of the day the experience was humbling, motivating, inspiring and exhausting. Yes, even exhausting for those of us who simply spent the day shopping, snacking on paleo snacks and cheering for men and women who appear to have superhuman strength.

Once again, thanks to Mitch, Adam, Leah, and Casey for making us proud, and to everyone who watched and cheered them on in person or via the streaming video. If you aren’t currently a member of the gym but want to see what this CrossFit thing is all about, register here for our free community workout, which will be held Saturday, June 2 at 10:00 am.  This month we are asking that partipants register for the community wod via this link. Anyone with questions should contact Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com

Monday WOD

5 rounds

3 bear cycles

2 rounds of Cindy

AMRAP double unders

*rest only to add weight to the bar each round


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