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 Remember these are challenging conditions. Use your head, know how you are feeling and at times like this, you need to be wise in picking your challenges. Sometimes you need to know when to quit. Quit? Yes I said QUIT. There is no benefit in hurting yourself, playing to your ego… going red just because you always have.

One of our goals: To develop athletes that are independent, powerful and wise. What that means is YOU trump what peer pressure or any trainer may encourage you to do. A professional trainer will respect that and you. There may be times a good trainer will push you to do more. But the fact is, you and only you know how you are really feeling. 

There are 2 side to this coin. Yes, there are times we all need to be pushed beyond what we think we can do. That's a good thing. There are other times, you need to know what your limits are. That's also a good thing. Don't let anyone manipulate you to do something you know is not appropriate. Ever hear a trainer ask, "How are you feeling?" Don't just tell us what you think we want to hear. Be honest. Elite level training is a two way communication and more if an art than a science.

One of my favorite quotes from The Lion King"You are more than you have become"Also an important mandate for any professional trainer, "Do no harm".

Tuesday WOD


Run 400m

Max Rep. Pull ups

AMRAP in… 20 • 15  10 min.

Record total number of Pull ups for score.  If you used a band record what color you used. Max rep. pull ups are done when you have to let go of the bar or, if you are a band user, step onto the box.

Group Stretch and Foam Roll Then…

OHS 5×5

 Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities


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