Ridiculous Fran

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Becky and Tonya are to strong for their own good.

Thursday WOD

FRAN or Ridiculous FRAN

Thrusters (men 95lbs women 65lbs unmodified) Men 135 Women 95

Pull ups C2B

21-15-9 • 15-11-7 • 11-9-7 

Group Stretch 2 Min after the last person is finished.  Roll out if you finish early until we are ready for the stretch

Row 1000m • 750m • 500m Do this is extremely fast 250m bursts

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities 


  1. Damnit, I missed Fran!

  2. Michael F. says:

    Do weighted pullup instead of C2B if you want to enjoy Fran longer.

  3. Oh wait, I didn’t miss it! This is the Thursday WOD, nice.

  4. Becky, you are such a ham!

  5. Ok, I lied, I didn’t take 2 min’s off my last Fran. It was only a minute and a half!

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