Say no to "Inflammation"

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Matt and Art take a minute to talk nutrition.  For those of you that missed any Paleo Seminars in the past.  The next one is Oct 14th in Troy @ 6:30


Can you handle the Truth?

Scientist have discovered some very important things (Fat is not the enemy, it's inflammation due to sugar and processed foods) in the past 5 years that are rewriting nutrition. It will probably be years before the general public knows about it though, because it's going to cost multinational corporations a lot of money if the word gets out.

“If I want to have an al-Qaida battle plan How to Destroy Health Care of America, the USDA food pyramid there would be exactly that. I can think of nothing that would accelerate the development of silent inflammation faster.” - Dr Sears

See the video "Diet, Inflammation and Disease" Part 4 (Fish Oil)


Tuesday WOD

10 Deadlifts

10 Push ups

10 • 8 • 6 Rounds

Hip Mobility (Trainer's Choice, can be done in Warm up) & Foam Roll

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

 Scale to capabilities



  1. It’s also going to make schools rethink sugar/carb shake-downs in the form of Boxtops for Education, vending machines and fundraisers that sell cookies and nasty fried food!

  2. Let’s hope waaaay sooner than later

  3. Seeing my fat face on the picture here – that tells the whole story about inflammation! Looking forward to loosing that with Crossfit and diet.

  4. Art, you got a leg up on changing your health — your mind is right. Lets get it done buddy!

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