Shannon's Story

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“If I had listened to that little voice in my head, I’d never be writing this. We all have one. For me, that voice tells me that I will always be overweight, no matter what I do or how hard I work. For most of my life, that voice was winning.

Then I joined Centerville Crossfit.” -Shannon

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Shannon’s Change from March 2010

Weight -38 lbs.

Waist  -10.25 in.

Belly  -9.75 in.

Body Fat  -8.6 percent (as of 3/11)

BMI 23 (down from 28)

Deadlift 1 R M 235 lbs. (from 165 lbs in 7/10)

Monday WOD

50 Box Jumps 24″ (everyone)

Run or Row 400m

50 Choppers

Run or Row 400m

50 Double Unders -or- S2S Jumps


Roll Out

Scale to capabilities


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