Sleep Away the Love Handles

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It’s a common misconception that workouts alone are enough to give you the body of your dreams. Through our “Eat Clean, Get Lean” challenge, we hope to show as many of you as possible that cleaning up your diet is the fastest and most effective way to shed fat. A second, often overlooked factor to getting into those skinny jeans? Sleep. You all realize how much better you feel in general when your sleep is adequate, but did you know that a lack of sleep can contribute to inflammation, heart disease, and diabetes? It can also severely disrupt your cortisol levels, which is a major contributor to belly fat. In other words, you can WOD all you want, but if you’re eating junk and failing to sleep, your results will be minimized. The following article goes into the how and why in more detail, and also provides links to a plethora of other resources on the topic. If you own The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf spends a good amount of time explaining this as well, and it would be beneficial to revisit that section!

Wednesday WOD

3 Push Press

10 Pull ups

10  rounds


Shoulder Mobility

Scale to capabilities


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