Snatch time

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We always need took work on our “front rack” position. Elbows high! 

Funny crossfit quote “She cleans, jerks and has a nice snatch- CROSSFIT!”

Now the WOD

 Try and rest about 1 to 2 minutes between attempts. Work out with someone your own fittness level and increasing weight each attempt. If you don’t finish all reps that set does not count. Lower the weight and try again.  Don’t count the first few sets, think of them as warming up.  Red singles out because that will allow for the heaviest possible load.  Green does most reps so the weight will not go up as high in case the heavier weights still intimidate you.  If you still feel like you didn’t do enough of a workout after your sets then you did not try hard enough. 

Full Snatch or Over Head Squat (The more advanced people are going to work Snatch’s and the new folks are going to work Overheads) 

135 rest 165 rest 195 rest 205 rest 215


Cool Down

Weighted Box Jumps

40  30  20

Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities 


  1. I will definitely be doing this tomorrow.

  2. only at CrossFit can you get away with telling a girl she has a nice snatch and a great rack!

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