Snow Fun

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Snow bath for time… I think she made it 10 seconds

Monday WOD

Shoulder to Overhead Any Way 15 min. time limit.

3 – 3 – 3 


Masters WOD

In honor of all the 40 year old+ CrossFitters we'll be doing the posted masters WOD at www. masterwod.com. All masters crossfitters go to the website and post your performance.

3 Rounds for time;

9 Deadlifts*
12 Burpees
15 Wall Balls (women 14# 8ft target/men 20# 10ft target)

*deadlift weight by age bracket

Men 245lb, Womens 165lb (under 40)

Scale as needed 

Men 225lb, Women 155lb (40-44)
Men 215lb, Women 135lb (45-49)
Men 205lb, Women 115lb (50-54)
Men 195lb, Women 95lb (55-59)
Men 185lb, Women 75lb (60-64)
Men 175lb, Women 65lb (65+)


Pre -  Shoulder Mobility



  1. Ya, it was a tad bit cold (as the reaction shows), but it felt great! I recall whole body was in pain. Who needs an ice bath when you have tons of snow? Was this after the horrible lounging strongman wod?
    Oh by the way, I did this 2x!

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