Stepping up

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When Eben first walked into our crossfit gym in Beavercreek (the basement) and saw people throwing weights around like crazy people he turned right around and walked out, convinced he had made a mistake.  Now a year and a half later he has transformed and is always stepping up his wods mentally, physically, and as we all can see, literally.  He is always a positive influence to those who are around him and a one of the many pillars in our crossfit community. 

   Benchmark Wednesday


4 Handstand Push ups

4 Pull ups  2 Muscle ups (instead of dips and pull ups)

4 Dips

8 Choppers 2 Pood


20 min. 15 min.  10 min.

Double Unders…As many as you can get in 1 minute followed by a 1 min. rest.  Record total number of double unders
432 rounds

Competitor Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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