Street fighters

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Here is a picture of most of the survivors of the Street Fighter 1 Challenge.  These people endured 240 minutes worth of AMRAP in 24 hours.  So what they did was all out effort for 10 minutes with a 50 minute break every hour on the hour.  I was there to coach from 1 am until 4 am which brought them up to the 12 hour mark.  At only half way through they looked like a bunch of zombies, eyes glazed over, all communications were limited to a series of grunts and other primitive tactics. 

After 4 hours of coaching I was exhausted and was ready for bed and to think these people were 8 hours in when I arrived they were working out and I was only watching yet I was tired?  What this group did was truly amazing and I feel privilaged to have been able to watch them do their thing.  And just to bring this accomplishment into better persepctive only two other gyms in the country have attempted something this crazy with only 3 people completing, where pictured here 8 people made it!  Enough said.

Monday WOD

20 Back Squats

20 Floor Wipers (side to side, L+R=2)


20 Front Squats

20 Floor Wipers

20 Dips

20 OHS

20 Floor Wipers

20 Push ups

Use 3/4 BW

Group Stretch & Foam Roll

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Well-deserved congrats to everyone! Sorry I missed it–maybe next year!

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