Stress Management

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Back in June, CCF trainer Becky blogged about the role that stress plays in our lives. Read on to see how she identified and managed the stressors in her life, and learn why it’s so important that we all do the same!

One thing we all have in common is we have to deal with some kind of stress in our everyday lives. I know we all deal with it differently; there are people you can tell just by looking at them, like that guy driving in the car next to you who’s screaming into his cell phone or the lady at the airport power walking up the escalators. Those people are stressed with a capital S, everyone can see it, so you better not get in their way. Others hide it. They seem cool and carefree, but inside they’re a ball of tension. To-do lists and daily schedules swirl around in their heads, and any unforeseen snag ratchets up the stress level another notch. I’m one of those people. I’m really good at finding things to worry about. Just yesterday for example, I was stressed out about the following (in no particular order):

1. waking up early
2. the general manager at LA Fitness
3. the rain
4. our grass needs cut
5. the noise coming from my car engine is getting louder
6. I drink too much coffee
7. a guy driving a van decided to get in front of me on the highway and drive 65 mph in the fast lane
8. will I be able to work out on our vacation?
9. Crossfit Kids who’ve been kept inside all day because of the rain
10. should I do sprints this afternoon if it’s raining???
11. I don’t know what to wear to my nephew’s baptism

Ok, you get the gist. I manage to stress out about things completely out of my control, like the rain, AND things happening weeks away (our vacation is the end of June). Plus I stress out when I think about what is stressful in my life. So my brainstorming for this post resulted in me being a little hot and sweaty plus super anxious because I’m stressed out about stressing out. Eeesh.

I wish I was different, but it seems like my brain is always active and analyzing. Always calculating how long it will take to do task A, how much free time I’ll have between A and B, when I’ll be able to get in a workout, etc etc. And if things don’t go as I originally planned, I get upset. Not screaming, temper tantrum upset, just quietly nervous. Things like that build up after awhile.

The reason I spent so long giving you this little peek inside my head is to lead into the fact there are so many things outside of the gym affecting our performance and overall health and fitness level. Stress f-cks with a lot of areas in your life and should be taken care of (and get more SLEEP, people!), but there’s a hidden area we always overlook: our workouts. A 20 minute AMRAP is a huge stressor. Same with all those box jumps, wall balls, and running. If you’re holding a little extra jiggle around your waist, you need to stop and consider what your workouts are doing to your body. An extra 30 minutes on the treadmill or a Crossfit beat down will not help.

I did not work out last week AT ALL. I was away in Connecticut for that cert, spent 3 days sitting in a chair and not eating very well, and I came back feeling tired with tight muscles from all that sitting. So I decided to take a week off from training. I realized if I tried to jump back into everything it would just add one more thing to worry about plus my body wasn’t in any shape to handle it, so I didn’t do it. It allowed me time to focus on my diet and mobility and all that homework I have to finish to pass that cert (that’s going to take me longer than a week to finish). It was pretty great.

So, get your shit together outside of the gym before you come in and add another stress on your system. Sleep 8+ hours a night. Eat right. Spend 5 minutes a day mediating. Do yoga. Accomplish all of that, and you’ll be pretty beastly in my eyes.



Friday WOD

Hang Squat Clean – 5,5,3,3,2


HSPU Work:

10, 20 or 30 Second handstand holds into 3, 4 or 5 second negatives

10 Sets


Shoulder Mobility


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