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Kevin joined CCF in August of 2011. His background as a standout athlete helped drive his desire to conquer skills, lift heavy, and hang with the “big dogs”. In less than a year, he’s done just that. Read on to see the impact CCF has had on his life.

What sorts of changes have you seen since beginning CrossFit?

Crossfit focuses on your body as a whole and I’ve seen physical results in my entire body. I’ve lost 30 pounds while working up to a 500 pound deadlift and 365 back squat. I’ve also mastered muscle ups and double unders. Next on the list is kipping pull-ups!


Other than the physical transformation, what other benefits has CF brought to your life?

My attitude is always positive since I’ve started crossfit, my energy level is high, I’m rarely down and out, and never stressed out. Also, with a better physical look about myself I am enjoying life and taking more chances in the world.


What is the best part about Centerville CrossFit?

The best part is the people; it really is a family and your physical appearance or ability level doesn’t matter. We are all crossfiitters when we walk in the gym.


What advice do you have for those considering trying out CCF?

My only advice is to give your all. If you push yourself every workout and take everything the trainers tell you to do seriously, I guarantee results.


Are you ready to be our next success story? Join us for our next community workout on Saturday, July 7 at 10:00 am. Reserve your spot by emailing Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com.


There will be NO cooking class tonight. Please stay tuned for announcements on our next cooking class.


Wednesday WOD

100 DU’s

50 Pull-ups

400m Run

80 Squats

40 Push-ups

400m Run

60 KB Swings


400m Run


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