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Brittani has been training with us for 6 months now, first as part of our boot camp classes, and now in our regular CrossFit program. The benefits she has experienced have improved various aspects of her life, so much so that she’s convinced several friends to join her. Below Brittani describes her CF journey.


I started CCF boot camp in December 2011. Right away I knew it was going to be something that I would enjoy and looked forward to coming to each time. It is truly unlike anything I had ever experienced. I have had personal trainers in the past but this just took everything to a whole new level.

Within just a few months I had co-workers telling me I looked leaner and my clothes were fitting differently. I was losing inches in places I don’t think I had ever lost, like my thighs. I remember doing my second set of measurements with Meghan and I couldn’t believe the numbers we were getting. I am also amazed at what my body can do physically now. Each class I always think there is no way I can do this and at the end I can’t believe that I actually did it.

I have also seen changes emotionally since starting CCF. I feel more calm and relaxed and feel like I handle stress better. I look forward to going to work out, whether it is after work or at 6 am. I don’t know if I have ever had the level of commitment to fitness and health that I do now. This has made me want to eat better and really just understand my body and what it needs.

I think everyone says this but the best part of CCF is really and truly the people. Everyone is there is cheer each other on and help each other. The coaches are there to help you, guide you and push you harder than you can push yourself. I really feel like I am establishing a great group of people around me who have similar fitness and health goals and with whom I can talk to about these things.

My best advice for anyone wanting to try it out is to just come and do it. Don’t worry about how out of shape you may think you are or if you don’t thing you can do it, just come! It may seem intimidating at first but it is worth it!

I started the regular crossfit classes about a month ago and I can’t wait to see what else I can do as I continue this journey!

Ready to be our next success story? Join us for our next free community workout on Saturday, July 7 at 10 am. Attendance allows you to take our Elements classes ($150 value and a prerequisite for regular CrossFit) or 2 weeks of Boot Camp for free! To reserve your spot email Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com

Monday WOD

In Teams of 2:

1-10 Burpees

2-20 KB Swings (only evens)

1-10 Pull-ups

2-20 Wallballs (only evens)

Run 800m

*So Partner A does 1 then partner B does 1, then 2 and 2 , 3 and 3 all the way until 10.

Same for wallballs and KB swings except A-2 B-2, A does 4 B does 4, 6 and 6 ect…

*Run must also be completed together!!



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