Success Story: Natalie

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Today we’d like to recognize the effort of one of our clients, Natalie. Natalie began CrossFit Boot Camps several months ago, and like many new clients, was nervous and intimidated about getting started. However, from the time she stepped foot in the door, it was clear she was going to succeed. A standout athlete in high school, Natalie was able to reconnect with her talents, and was soon increasing her kettlebell weight, doing exercises unmodified, and pushing through WODs several times a week.

Natalie decided her next step would be transitioning into our regular classes. After only a month, she tested her CrossFit total, and put up some outstanding numbers: 215 on back squat, 275 deadlift, and 105 strict press. In addition, she’s all signed up for the CrossFit Open and ready to see how her other skills stack up, too!

Natalie is a great example to everyone who is questioning whether or not to tackle CrossFit. Take a lesson from her, and jump in! We look forward to watching Natalie’s continued success as she works with us!

Friday WOD “Mini Weaver”

Strict Press





4 Rounds:

5 Strict L-Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 C2B Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

5 Strict L-Pull-ups

*Make sure scaling is appropriate this should not take 20mins


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