Summer Boot Camp

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Summer Boot Camp

Centerville CrossFit Outdoor Summer Boot Camps

June 11-July 20

Waynesville Park: M/W/F, 6:00-7:00 am

Centerville (location TBA): T/Th, 6:00-7:00 am

Join us for 6 weeks of workouts that will take your fitness to the next level. Each hour long class will be a different combination of cardio, body weight, kettlebell, dumbell, and med ball exercises. All workouts will be scalable, so whether you’re an exercise novice or a total gym rat, expect to be pushed like never before.

This summer we have two options for our clients:

Option 1: Basic Boot Camp

This is a good option for the client who feels comfortable with his/her current nutritional plan, and whose goals are focused on losing a minor amount of weight or who simply want to increase strength and endurance

*18, one hour classes

*Measurements/body fat analysis at weeks 1, 3, and 6

*Boot Camp t-shirt

*10% off all future Boot Camp classes at CCF


Option 2: Beast Mode Boot Camp

This is the option for those who want to increase strength and endurance, lose a significant amount of weight, and who are ready to establish nutritional habits that will allow them to continue progress for the long haul.

*18, one hour classes

*Measurements/body fat analysis at weeks 1, 3, and 6

*Boot Camp t-shirt

*20% off all future Boot Camp classes at CCF

*One-on-one session during week 1 to establish goals and take “before” pics

*Packet that will include valuable information regarding nutrition, goal setting, recipes, and more

*Food journal and weekly check in with your trainer

*One-on-one session during week 6 to evaluate progress, set new goals, and get “after” pics


Add-On to Either Option: Kitchen Make-Over

Session 1: Your trainer will come to your house, assess your current food supply, and generate a one week meal plan/shopping list

Session 2: Your trainer will take you to the grocery store, teach you the ins and outs of healthy shopping, and then return home to help you prepare your food.


For questions or to register, contact Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com


Thursday WOD

clean and jerk – 1RM (OR snatch 1RM if you did c&j last week)


400m x3

***rest how long it took you to run

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