Sweat Angels

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Jess assumes his position after his daily WOD. He likes to make sweat angels.  I want apologies for saturday.  James had an emergency with his wife and I was out of town.  


Wall Balls
Sumo High Pulls
Box Jump

15 reps each

• 3 • 2 rounds

X-Pun (Extra Punishment)

Handstand Push-ups (or strict press) 50 • 40 • 30 

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities


  1. James Humphrey, Jr. says:

    I apologize to those who were waiting for me Saturday morning. Jade suffered from tendon inflammation and it causes significant cramping, and to be safe rather than sorry, we made a trip to Kettering Medical Center at the request of her doctor. We were there for the afternoon. Everything is all right; she’s just at her maximum size before she pops. : )

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