Testing Week 1

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This week is the first of two weeks of testing. We plan on getting 1RMs for a lot of lifts, plus a few aerobic testers. Your weights and scores will be recorded in order for us to plan our next cycle of programming so please make sure you report everything required on the whiteboard before you leave for the day! Also, if you’re interested in keeping a log for yourself, this would be a great time to start.


Our first two testers are a deadlift 1RM and dumbbell rear foot elevated split squats 8RM (per leg). The deadlift is straight forward – pick heavy stuff off the floor. If your trainer thinks your form is being compromised because the weight is too heavy, he or she WILL stop you. The DB split squats are a new exercise for most of you so please take some time to look at the linked video. Important points for this movement:

– start with your weaker leg

– stand with the back of your legs against the box and take two steps away; this is your standing point

– your ending point is once your thigh is parallel to the ground

– keep your chest up and weight in your heel throughout the entire range of motion

– TEMPO is crucial for this movement; if you take more than one second pause at the top, your set is over

– rest no more than 1 minute between legs


Record on the whiteboard: DL max & max #/hand (8 reps each leg)

Monday WOD

DL – 1RM


DB split squat –

8Reps on the minute for 8 minutes @30X1 tempo (alternate legs)



Cool down –

10 min easy jog



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