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Don't forget your T-shirt designs. Print them off and bring them in. We will vote Wed. But the print offs must be in Tomorrow!  

Brad Miller: Thank You everyone for all you did for this fundraiser. The O'Dells will be able to sleep a little easier knowing they don't have to wonder how there going to get the money to pay the next bill. Thanks to the Crossfit Community and a few other friends we raised $2,691.00. It was a great event and just another reason why Crossfit is more then just a place to workout. We truly do care about our community and will continue to "Fight for a Friend" Thanks again. I can't wait to help someone else next year…

For your reward I give you today's WOD

Monday's WOD

Run 400 Meter (Start of WOD Only)

30 20 15 Choppers
10 8 5 Med Ball Cleans
20 15 12 Choppers
20 15 12 Med Ball Cleans
10 5 Choppers
30 20 15 Med ball cleans

Cool Down 


1 mile • 800m • 400m

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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