The decision

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Britney (CrossFit Troy) is in training for admission into the Coast Guard. I have been so very impressed with Britneys resolve. These two pictures show what Britney is all about. A decision. She has decided what she wants. And it has not been easy. These first 2 months are the worst. Everything is hard and everything hurts. Yet, she has not quit, and I believe she is beginning to realize that she just might be able to accomplish anything she makes a decision to do.


6:30 pm classes canceled as all trainers will be going down to see Mitch Lyons in his first professional MMA fight. Get your tickets at the door! Starts 8:00 pm. For More Information


Friday WOD

100 ft weighted lunge walk (Men 30# DB / Women 15#DB)

24 inch Box Jump, 20 reps

Weighted Push-ups, 20 reps

4 • 3 • 2 rounds

Cool Down 

Elbow Planks (30 sec)/Up-Pushup (30 sec) alternate

3 min • 2 min  • 1 min 

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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