The Games

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Graham Carrying

Were so glad to hear things are going well back home and the trainers are doing a fine job.

A few updates on the Games.

The boys fought a good fight until the 4th event where they both failed to make the cut to the 5TH event on Saturday. Their reactions were both disappointment and relief, as Brandon said of the mountain run (the first event) “This was the hardest thing I’ve done in all my life”. They had to run 4.5 miles of steep mountain trails both up and down. Graham says he “must have done the guadropedial crawled for at least a mile of it”. Graham would probaby say the same thing about the wierd event #4 (Row 500 meters, hammer a foot spike into the ground and Row another 500m. Too bad Graham didn’t get credit for swinging the sledge so gracefully as he missed the end of the spike on the majority of his attempts. Ya that’le slow you down.I think that deserves some sort of new nickname.

I’m so proud of these guys as they willed themselves through 4 workouts that resembled torture more than athletic events. I’ve posted a few picture, with a couple showing Both Brandon and Graham carrying 75 lbs of sand bags up a mountain road 175 yards, the steepest part being the last 75 yards.

Both guys finished very close to one another Graham 50th and Brandon 56th in a lineup of some of the most fit men in the world. Not bad. More pictures coming soon.

Thanks everyone for all your support and we miss you all. See you soon. — Mike


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  1. James Humphrey, Jr. says:

    Graham, Brandon, well done. The run is amazing enough, but the very fact that you two did the level of work after such a feat is testament to your athletic ability.

  2. You two gave a great showing this weekend, and it was a pleasure to be there to watch you guys perform. Hopin to get a workout in with y’all sometime in the near future. Congrats on completing your first games!

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