Kamikaze Cindy

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This picture is very old. (from the old building) But Cindy KILLED mondays workout. I can't tell you how impressed I was with her.  She did all 78 divebombers "in and out" and they looked easy! NICE JOB 

I watched this show the other night and thought it would be something great to put on the blog. If you have 40 min to kill give it a look.  It really is amazing what our school systems are feeding kids.  It may not be paleo but its a good start. 

Tuesday WOD

4 minutes max Double Unders

3 minutes max Box Jumps

2 minutes max Hang Full Snatch (m 65/ w 45)

1 minute max Burpees

The clock does not stop.

Total number of Reps


50 40 30 K2E and Progressive Wave

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