The Olympic lifts, The Burpees, The Front Door to CCF

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I know each and every one of us have been posed with the question at some point in time, "What is Crossfit?" If you're anything like me, my mind would start to go wild with all the information and knowledge I could spill out to this curious individual.  The easiest way to explain what it is that we do at Centerville Crossfit, is to show them.  Check your ego at the door and get ready for a life altering experience.

Benchmark Thursday


21 Pull ups

21 Dips 7 Muscle Ups instead of dips and pull ups

21 Burpees

*Warning*  This is not a normal workout, just because you have been going red for a while doesn't mean that red is the right color for you today.  Red = 105 Dips, 105 Pull ups, and 105 Burpees.  Each one of these elements will be an arm/elbow beat down.  Use caution when you pick your colors.

5 • 4 • 3  rounds

Roll out Forearms, triceps, & biceps

Shoulder Mobility

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the good times last night Kelsa and Trev!! Maybe we can do it again tonight?

  2. And how could i forget Tim?!! See ya to night buddy.

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