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Tim does some 1rm deads. 

For all you ladies. Dispelling some myths- Women in Crossfit we had some great discussion happening on the Facebook page. For those of you that are not our friend, you should be. 

UGLY SWEATER* Christmas Party

Tuesday, Dec 21st, 6:00 pm. Come prepared to workout and party! All classes will be canceled that day. We want you to save it all for the evening!  Bring your own beverages and don't forget the ugly sweater. Thanks for letting us know if your coming by signing the white board. 

*If you don't have a sweater, and are too cheap to buy an ugly one, a sweatshirt will do. 


Thursday WOD

PreWOD – Max Reps Handstand Push-Ups (5 people at a time)

Handstand • Jacknife  Stinkbug (head MUST touch ground to count)

"Death by HPC"

1 DB Hang Power Clean on the first minute…

2 DB Hang Power Cleans on the second minute…

Continue until you fail to complete the number of reps in the round. 

Your score is the last completed round.  Add partial reps of the incomplete round Ex. 15 + 4

Weight: 50% 1 rep max


Shoulder Mobility

Scale to capabilities



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