Thursday 6/12

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– A Day in the Life of Regionals-

Where: CCF

When: June 14 8:30-??


Men’s- Rx/Scaled

Women’s- Rx/Scaled

We will have a set scaled class but we will scale as needed to ensure everyone at the gym can participate!

We don’t want to leave anyone out.

How much/why?: $20

We will be grilling out following the completion of the last WOD.


The gym is growing and there are a lot if new faces so let’s take a day, get to know each other while doing some great WODs, and get better together! See Heather at the front desk, get signed up and let’s party!!!!

Thursday 6/12

Every min for 12 min:

A. Squat clean 1 rep + 1 strict chin up


Every 3 min for 5 rounds:

B1. Front squat @31X1; 2-3 reps

B2. db powell raise @3010; 4-6 reps


For time:

400m run

20 burpees

200m run

20 back extensions

400m run

20 sit-ups


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