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Thursday WOD

You have exactly 15 minutes to find your Max C&J..

1 Rep Max. Clean & Jerk

Then as a group…3.2.1 Go!

Deadlift 21  15  11 Reps

Run 400m  400m  200m

Deadlift 15  11  Reps 

Run 400m  400m  200m

Deadlift   Reps

Run 400m  400m  200m 

Then…To Keep Score convert your C & J max weight to seconds 1 lb = 1 sec.  ex. 125 lbs = 2:05, then subtract this time from your deadlift run workout.  That is what's recorded on the board.

Cool Down

Work on Kipping Pull ups or stretch

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational


  1. Nice work out Mitch, let me bring my freakin’ (pardon my language) calculator with me to the gym.

  2. math is hard

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