Tired and Posing

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Centerville Crossfit, Crossfit Creek, and Crossfit Troy guys pose for a picture after the 5 K Trail run.


& Forged orders have arrived!!!!  Give us a few days to sort them out since it’s just one giant box right now.  If you ordered any of the forged fight shorts i’m sorry to say that the discount did not count towards them so you will receive a check back for the price of the shorts.  If you had other things ordered you will receive them just not the shorts.  There will be a $3 shipping and handling fee when you pick up your order.  When the orders are at the gym ready we will post an announcement. 


Progressive Wave or

10 Push Press 
Frankenstein Walk
10 Weighted GH 
Side Shuffle
5 Burpee Broad Jumps

Down and Back x2

Tuesday WOD

4 Push Jerks 
8 Lunges (1+1=2 Bar on back) 
12 Deadlifts
14 Burpees 
16 Situps  
18 Donkey Kicks  
20 Double Unders  

4 • 3 • Rounds

M 75%BW W 65%BW Unbroken sets.  This means you have to finish the set when you start it.  If you can’t finish you have to restart the set.  This is not including Double Unders.

Weighted Push ups 40 • 30 • 20 Up the weight after each set

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities 


  1. Really? Unbroken except DU’s?
    That’s weak 🙂

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